What You Ought to Hear About Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is one of the common symptoms of shoulder injuries and can disrupt your daily life. Fortunately, several medical interventions, such as those offered by Dr. Alok Sharan in East Brunswick, can be put in place to restore the quality of your life. Your shoulder is among the most movable joints in your body, and is susceptible to several injuries to the tendons or muscles. The pain is mainly due to swelling, bone changes, or damage, and you can experience it mainly when lifting the arm or moving it forward or backward. Here is more information.

Top Causes

A shoulder injury is the leading common cause of pain, particularly when the rotator cuff tendons are trapped in the bony area of the shoulder, leading to inflammation or destruction of the tendons. Additionally, you might experience shoulder pain due to:

  •   Bone spurs in the shoulder area
  •   Arthritis in the shoulder joint
  •   Dislocation of the shoulder
  •   Broken shoulder bone
  •   Shoulder separation
  •   Overuse
  •   Frozen shoulderRead More About: tnmachi

However, you can also experience shoulder pain due to other health complications in other parts of the body, such as the lungs or neck. In such cases, you experience pain with rest, and there is no worsening with shoulder movement.

Caring for the Shoulder Pain at Home

You can manage acute and mild cases of shoulder pain at home, but you should ensure you consult a health practitioner first to be sure of the cause. You can ice the shoulder for about fifteen minutes and repeat it three to four times a day at a fifteen minutes interval. You can also rest your shoulder for a few days and slowly return to your activities. Also, you can consult your doctor about taking painkillers such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen.

Managing Rotator Cuff Problems

Rotator cuff issues are mainly due to strains and sprains on your shoulder, and you can also treat it at home with the help of your doctor. You can use some ice or painkillers after exercises if you have had shoulder pain before. Also, you can consult your provider to learn some exercises to stretch and strengthen the shoulder muscles and the rotator cuff tendons. Additionally, it would be helpful to practice good postures to keep your shoulder tendons and muscles in proper position.

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Seeking Emergency Care

While most cases of shoulder pain are mild, you can experience severe pain where you should contact your doctor immediately. Sudden pain in your left shoulder can be a sign of a heart attack, and you should seek emergency care if you experience pressure or crushing pain. Some shoulder injuries can also be severe, and you should contact your doctor as soon as possible. Additionally, talk to your doctor immediately if your shoulder pain is accompanied by fever, redness, or swelling.

Expert Care

You should seek expert care even before you try treating your shoulder injury and pain at home. It is good to have your condition examined and the symptoms evaluated to know the right approach. Your provider may carry out several tests, including blood and imaging tests, to diagnose your issue accurately. Your provider can recommend the following treatments based on your unique needs.

  •   Physical therapy
  •   Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  •   Corticosteroids injection
  •   Surgery for severe casesVisit The Site: f95zone

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