When to see a weight loss specialist and weight loss treatment in Vienna, VA

You might want to lose weight. You have been trying hard to lose weight by exercising and dieting. But sometimes, random weight loss methods don’t work. It will help if you have a doctor who can make a strategy for your weight loss to help you reach your goals quicker. This post will discuss when to consult the Vienna, VA weight loss specialist and the treatment.

A weight-loss specialist can help you if you fall into any of the conditions mentioned below-

  • You tried losing weight on your own but failed.
  • You want the help of an expert and are ready to adapt to the new lifestyle changes.
  • You are at risk of complications related to obesity, such as coronary artery disease, type 2 diabetes, or hypertension.
  • You tend to binge more and get stressed up while overeating.
  • Your BMI is more than 25.

Now the question arises of how a weight loss specialist will help you achieve your health goals. It brings us to the treatment methods for weight loss.


Counseling and behavior modification– 

The doctor will treat the root cause of your disturbed eating patterns by stress management, self-monitoring, problem-solving, stimulus control, cognitive restructuring ( changing the way you think), contingency management ( rewarding desirable actions), and social support.

Diet changes

Your doctor will replace the unhealthy food with healthy, low-calorie food in your diet chart. It includes a reduction in portion size, calorie reduction, and long-term transformation in eating habits and choices.


He will create a personalized exercise regimen for you without making you feel exhausted. He will start with simple exercises such as climbing the stairs, walking and gradually advise you on some challenging work out so that your body quickly adapts to the regimen. 


Your doctor may also advise some medicines if your BMI is more than 30 or at least 27. He may also suggest it if you have additional weight-related health issues such as diabetes. While discussing the medications, tell your doctor about your present medical conditions and allergies and inform him if you are a lactating mother or plan to be pregnant soon. 


Weight loss is a challenging task as it requires persistence, hard work, and dedication. A weight-loss specialist can make it a little easy for you by giving you a proper plan.

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