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Which Productivity App Is Best For Preventing Procrastination And Getting Work Done?

Everyone loves to get their work done and have enough time to rest, but for some of us, the carelessness that comes with procrastination makes us shift our work until there is no more time left to get the job done. At this point, we rush things and sometimes come out with a mediocre result.

As the saying goes, “Procrastination is the thief of time.” It steals time and many opportunities that could have resulted in beautiful rewards if procrastination had not been present.

For some of us, our struggle to stop procrastinating has made us try out several things. We set alarms to remind us of each task and turn them off without performing it. We wake up to fill our to-do list with duties for the day but will not attend to the first duty until the afternoon because we get busy fighting fires or just checking emails. 

It is a habit that leaves us with unachieved plans and anxiety. You become unproductive, make poor and hasty decisions, lose opportunities, and have many incomplete tasks piling up. Many of us did not know how or when it began, but we would gladly do anything to see it end hertube . 

It was my desire some time ago, and I overcame procrastination after I created a system that helped me get things done on time.

I’ll share some steps I used to overcome procrastination below, and I hope they help you the way they helped me.

Set Goals and Deadlines

When trying to break free from procrastination, you must learn how to set deadlines for each goal you wish to achieve. Every task must come with a deadline. Otherwise it’s too easy to say “I’ll get to that later”.

Some ways I set goals and deadlines for myself are by marking future tasks on the calendar, having them written in my to-do list, and making sure the deadline I set for myself is days before the required deadline.

Also, to achieve this, I break my tasks into small steps so they are manageable.

Plan Ahead

Waking up and thinking about what to do is not the best approach for anyone who procrastinates. If you are a procrastinator, you should plan your day the day before.

Learning to set tasks for tomorrow has helped me so much. One of the things I make sure to do every night before sleeping is to write the tasks I want to achieve the next day foodiesfact. I go to the extent of setting a time to wake up, the exact time to start the day’s tasks, and when to have breaks. It keeps me in check as I try to check off each completed job before starting another or taking a break.

Minimize Distractions 

Distractions cause you to keep putting things off, making you unproductive, so you want to avoid or at least minimize distractions as much as possible. Social media was my biggest distraction. I’d go to look at one thing, give a reply to a message, and then it would spiral from there into an hour of hanging out and scrolling on my phone. You can turn your data off for the period in which you need to get focused on work. You can also put your phone on silent, face down, leave it in another room, etc. Whatever your distraction is, you need to work on minimizing it.

Use Productivity Apps

Relying on your willpower to change or overcome procrastination is not always enough. There were times I promised myself and made a firm determination not to procrastinate again igadgetnow, but I only did the work once I got myself a productivity app.

A productivity app helps you manage your time, minimize distractions, keep track of your to-dos and calendars, and keep you accountable. 

Here are a few productivity apps to help you stop procrastination:


Momentum is a planner app where your objectives, projects, and timetables get kept in one location. It delivers a customized dashboard with to-dos to reduce distractions and increase productivity.

It enables you to establish a daily goal that will get shown on your homepage, along with uplifting words you can customize.


Freedom bans social media, shopping, videos, games, websites, and programs that encourage you to procrastinate. It allows you to set up recurring work sessions that begin immediately igadgetnewstoday. It restricts your access to material that might distract you.


With RescueTime, you can accurately assess how you are spending your day. It will show everything, including your social media procrastination, every website you visit, and the app you use.

It notifies you when you are devoting an excessive amount of time to a particular task so that you can regain control of your time management. In-depth reports and daily highlights are included to help you track your progress, so you can avoid wasting time newspinup, eliminate distractions, and increase productivity.

Focus Bear

Focus Bear combines all the best traits of the apps I mentioned before. It is an app made with procrastinators in mind. It’s the best of all the productivity apps I have used, as it has numerous features that have helped me become a productivity machine.

With Focus Bear, I wake up to morning routines already set up. It also has evening routines.

It has timed, personalized habit routines and lets users set up focus modes that block out distractions.

Focus Bear provides me with productivity-boosting breaks that give me enough time to complete my chosen activity while looking forward to the break ahead. The focus modes are customizable to block distractions. It has an automatic goal-tracking tool that keeps me on track. 

In conclusion, overcoming procrastination could be a struggle, but it is achievable with the right things in place. This app did not only help me overcome procrastination but turned me into a productivity machine.

You can get the Focus Bear app here

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