Why are people starting to do NEBOSH?

International standards of work are updated daily. Employers now seek to design their workplace in accordance with the standards of international organizations. One of the main factors looked at in a workplace is the health and safety standards.

NEBOSH is a course that qualifies its students relating to health and safety operations in a workplace. This course is becoming increasingly popular amongst job-seekers which is why courses are now offered in Pakistan. You can now access resource materials and the rest of the course at Nebosh in Rawalpindi.

What is NEBOSH?

NEBOSH stands for National Examination Board of Safety and Health. It is a UK-based qualification that starts with a course and ends with an examination that gives a certificate upon passing.

NEBOSH is a tough examination to give and takes months of hard work and preparation. It is a diverse course relating to almost every field of work since maintenance of such factors is important in all workstreams.

A popular field that highly appreciates having this course on your CV is construction work. The standards of safety measures in a construction site are increasing day by day. Employers are now prompted to hire health and safety officers to maintain the quality of the workplace.

Will NEBOSH guarantee me a job?

NEBOSH is a remarkable qualification to have. The exam preparation is particularly tough, and this shows employers a deterministic personality when they are employing someone who has taken the course.

No matter what job you seek, health and safety are general factors that must be maintained in any workplace, so regardless, it’s a cherry on top. This is a qualification that portrays a special knowledge in such fields and results in careful employees.

Is it internationally recognized?

Indeed! NEBOSH is a UK-based qualification, and hence it is globally known. Many people in Pakistan who take the course actually take it to seek employment abroad. The majority of the Pakistani workforce goes to the Middle East for work purposes.

Having the NEBOSH certificate on your resume is sure to make you outshine the other applicants and almost guarantee a job in the Gulf countries.

The conclusion

NEBOSH is certainly a qualification worth going for, considering its potential jobs. The Pakistani workforce is often discriminated against since its education system is considered weaker than other curriculums. Having this course on your CV shows how skilled the employee is.

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