Why Picross is the Perfect Distraction for Gamers

Picross, also known as griddlers, hanjie, picross, pictogram, nonograms, or kakuro, is a classic crossword game, and they come with hidden pictures on the puzzle page. You can solve the puzzles following simple rules and cracking challenges to uncover the picture.

Picross allows you to exercise your logic, challenge yourself and become a nonogram master. The addictive game will help you have a good time, any time of day or night, as you can play offline.

Some of the reasons picross make the ideal distraction for gamers include:

1. It helps you create and maintain social bonds

Even though most people play puzzles when they have nothing to do, picross is a nice distraction as it will help you create and maintain social bonds. People who solve puzzles together tend to keep their friendship going since they have something in common.

When you solve picross puzzles together, you find solutions a lot faster. You also get to share your ideas with friends and family while strengthening social bonds. And learn to solve conflicts that may arise as you’re playing.

Besides, playing picross puzzles together helps you learn a few tricks from the rest of the gamers. You get to learn from experts, and your skills get to grow.

2. Helps relieve stress

There are so many stress triggers in these current times we’re living. And ways to distract ourselves can be time-consuming, expensive, or unconstructive. Think about, for instance, going out on holiday. That might cost you an arm and a leg.

However, with picross puzzles, that is not the case. All you have to do is download the free picross and begin to enjoy the game. The best part about it is that you can play offline, meaning you don’t have to have money to enjoy the game.

When you play picross, you turn off from the noise and relax. You focus on the game and concentrate on the puzzle. As you do this, all your stress gets washed away. You develop a feeling of accomplishment and get the energy to solve new challenges as they come.

3. These are fun

Picross puzzles are entertaining. They come with a set of rules. And gamers are supposed to figure out the correct solutions based on the clues provided.

If you are a creative person, you will love the thrill that comes with finding the ideal solution. You will enjoy this captivating game as it keeps you on your toes, focused, and entertained. Not to mention the feeling of satisfaction that comes with solving the entire puzzle.

You always want to solve the puzzle at hand to move to the next level. And this can be positively addictive.

Final thoughts

The above reasons are why you will find at least more people hammering away at a picross screen on their mobile device. The game provides great escapism for gamers and helps keep them distracted for the most part.

If you’re looking for a fun and distractive puzzle game, picross is the game for you.

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