Writing an Essay: A+ Tips

Before you start writing your essay, you must first choose a topic. It is best to do your research before you start writing your essay. While you may always do more research while you write, doing much of it ahead of time can help you understand the subject better. If your essay requires you to mention other sources, gather books or links to credible websites (hint: not Wikipedia). So you can confidently express your ideas, do your homework. Consider your essay’s purpose while you study. Are you trying to persuade or convince your audience? Having a goal for your essay might help you focus your research. Allow plenty of time for research and start early. Too much research is bad! It is easier to organise your thoughts if you fully comprehend the subject. If you need essay writer, please visit our website.

Pick a Thesis

What do you want to write about now that you are an expert? What is your thesis? The thesis of your essay informs the reader what your essay is about. It should be few phrases. The thesis statement of an essay might be considered the paper’s topic sentence. But it also informs your audience of your position on the subject. Throughout your piece, you will make reference to this one statement.

Alternatively, your teacher may have assigned you to develop your own thesis statement. When in doubt, ask questions about your subject.

Is Hamlet insane or merely acting so? Come up with a hypothesis that answers your question, then find evidence to support it. Thesis statement thought out?


An outline is one of the most important components of learning how to write an essay. Create an outline before you start writing so you know where to go. As you begin to outline, keep in mind the specifics of the assignment assigned you. Prelude, three major ideas or paragraphs, and epilogue for a five-paragraph essay. For essays exceeding the word count, further paragraphs or portions should be included.

While writing an essay outline, start with your research and your thesis statement. This is how your first paragraph should end. In the next paragraphs, support your point. If you’re writing a five-paragraph essay to convince your readers that pizza is the finest food ever, you can start with the superiority of the cheese, then the quality of the crust, and finally the relevance of the sauce in your argument. Making a list of what you want to say in each paragraph will help you compose your essay faster.

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